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New Podcast=I Got the Hell Out!
Kay Hawkins on the Ricki Lake Show
Should These Tactics Be Allowed To Continue?
Kay Hawkins on The Ricki Lake Show
Interview -The House of Yahweh My side of the Story


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New Podcast=I Got the Hell Out!

It has been quite a while since I have written to you. However, I must let you know that I have appreciated all of your contacts and want to Thank You!

Now, I would like to introduce a Podcast to you. The two ladies who present this Podcast began their production on December 26, 2017. They talk very specifically about their experiences inside The House of Yahweh, and how they eventually got out of that idolatrous cult (worship of a man is "idolatry"). I would like to introduce to you
"I Got the Hell Out!

Psychopath 101 Yisrayl Hawkins' Personality Disorder

Thank you for visiting! I received a great email from Kepha Arcemont which included a shortcut to a web-site presentation about "Psychopaths." The speakers are experts on this subject, and explain that there is approximately "one" out of "one hundred" persons on the planet who have this Personality Disorder. Elder and Overseer Yisrayl Hawkins, my ex-husband, is fully described in this presentation. This may also help you to recognize the "ordinary psychopaths" who dwell among us, and to minimize or

Interview with Kay Hawkins on The House of Yahweh

Kay Hawkiins on Toginet Radio
Interview, September 16, 2012
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Hello again! I would like to invite you to listen to my Toginet Radio Interview which aired on Sunday, September 16, 2012. Log-in and listen to this 17-minute segment. Thank you so much, Kay

See my Interview on KTAB 4u September 20, 2012

Hello Everyone! I would like to invite you to see and hear me on the interview with Alex Hayes on the KTAB 4u Program, which aired on September 20, 2012. Copy the following Web-Page Address to the Internet to visit. Thank you for visiting, Kay

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The House of YahwehMy Side of the Storyis available on-line at AuthorHouse, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and other Major Internet Booksellers. Simply type in my title on the Internet and purchasing information is displayed.
My book is also available atHastings Books, located at 4709 South 14th Street in Abilene, Texas--or order your Softcover Edition directly from me. I will also autograph your copy. For FREE INFORMATION, write to: Book  PO Box 921  Abilene, TX 79604.
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