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About Me
I am the ex-wife of Yisrayl Hawkins, Elder and Overseer of The House of Yahweh, Abilene, Texas. I worked to build the organization of The House of Yahweh. When I learned that this man wanted to destroy it, I worked just as hard to try to prevent him from doing so. Now, uncover the truth about Yisrayl Bill Hawkins, and also learn how he turned an honorable religion into his own personal Polygamous Doomsday Slave Compound.

I am offering my book, The House of Yahweh My Side of the Story, for $15.95 with postage paid in the USA only, which includes Texas Sales Tax.
I invite you to visit my blog to listen to my interviews. Copy the Web Address under "Psychopath 101," also in my blog, to learn "what" a psychopath/sociopath really is. You might be surprised! You will also be informed and fore-warned to avoid this emotionally destitute type of person, male and female.
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